Luxury construction : a PLENDI core filed that shines through the world

Techniques are essential and a prerequisite, but working in luxury also implies a know-how



Working in the most beautiful places in the world is a chance and one of our duties is to always remain discreet. For example, we have completely renovated the hotel Shangri La in Paris, while it was open during the works, as well as the Mandarin Oriental in London and the 6th floor suites of the Mandarin Oriental in Paris. Our clients choose the best and we must do the same.

Shangri La, Paris

Including some variations, we apply the same approach to our residential projects. Confidentiality is one of the things we know well. We use special digital platforms created specially for construction sites which allows our customers to follow their construction site on a daily basis, to follow the schedule, to discuss with their decorator or architect, to validate a material, the color of a marble. We are used to working with their architects and decorators on our luxury projects, with whom we have a strong relationship. They teach us a lot, challenge us, and write these beautiful stories with us.

Hôtel de Coislin, Paris

We have composed our teams accordingly, and among our engineers specializing in architectural trades, we accompany architects, interior designers. That’s how, we all work on the same project – the craftsman, the decorator, the architect, the owner assistant, and we speak the same language.